Registration and PSA procedures

■ Company information must be registered when registering as a homepage member.
■ After registration, after approval from the secretariat, matching between buyers and sellers is made through pre-scheduled appointment (PSA) application.

※PSA is?
This is a process to check the information of the person who wants to consult before matching and apply for matching through the pre-matching process. You can apply through the website, and matching is completed after approval by the Secretariat.
When matching is complete, you can check the schedule with the consultation timetable.

Participation Inclination
(Company information


Send a Invitation Letter &
Apply for PSA

PSA approved
& rejected

PSA confirmed

Policy on Handling Personal Information and Buyer Requirements

● Consent to collection and use of personal information (Required)
-Content of collected personal information : Name, Phone number, E-mail, Organization, Position
-Purpose of collected personal information : The information will be used for the operation of [K-BUSINESS DAY 2020] hosted by Korea Federation of SMEs`
① Used for Identification procedures: Name, Contact(Mobile, E-mail), Organization, Position
② Used for communication and information transmission: Name, Contact (Mobile, E-mail), Organization, Position
-Retention and used period of personal information : The Retention period of collected personal information is until the end of the [K-BUSINESS DAY 2020]. If you request for deletion of the personal information, it will be immediately deleted in a way that cannot be reproduction.
※ You can refuse to collection of personal information. However, If you do not agree with this conditions,
your organization may not be able to apply to [K-BUSINESS DAY 2020].
※ You agree to provide your personal information to IOConvex, Newspim, The Ocean and Bridging Partners
which are entrusted with the Korea Federation of SMEs.

■ Information to be collected
For registration, consultation, service applications, the following personal information is collected:
- Name, company name, company website, company address, phone number, e-mail, access logs, cookies, IP information, etc.
Personal Data collection Method : Registration on Website(http://www.kbusinessday.kr)